Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earliest age one can start at TruIQ?
We have kids starting from three and half years onwards.

My child needs motivation. How can you help my child?
Yes, we can help your child. We use various proven methods and techniques to motivate your child.

Do you provide Homework?
Yes, we do provide homework in addition to the teaching classes at TruIQ. Daily practice builds student's confidence.

What is the best time to start Critical Writing Program at TruIQ?
Critical Writing skill is as important as Math and Reading. This is the reason why we offer effective and affordable Creative Writing program starting from 1st grade onward. You will be amazed at your child's writing skills after few months working with TruIQ.

My child has focus issues or gets distracted easily. How can you help my child?
Yes, we can help your child with focus issues. TruIQ uses different techniques to address your child's focus issues. We have seen several successful stories addressing students' focus issues, since 2008.

Are there any contracts to sign up before enrolling my child?
No, absolutely no. You don't have to sign-up for any contracts. All our programs are month-to-month only. TruIQ always believes in delivering the best quality of service to every student and customer. We want our students and parents to be happy with our services. We don't believe in contracts.

We live far from Katy area. We cannot come during weekdays. Do you have any alternatives/suggestions?
We have customers from Katy, Houston area, Sugarland, Highway 6, Cypress. We open on Saturdays to serve people who live far from Katy area and also for people who have conflicts with other kid's activities during week days. We suggest you to bring your child(ren) on Saturdays. We have proven results with our customers, who live far from Katy area, but still seen excellent academic results bringing their children to TruIQ.

Do we have to buy study material separately?
No, all study material and homework material is part of the tuition fee itself. No need to pay anything extra for the study material.

My child is smart and stands at above grade level. How can TruIQ help my child to keep up that level and beyond?
TruIQ helps all four categories of students: struggling, average, above average and super smart kids. Our well structured curriculum challenges your smart/super smart kids and take them to the next level in the right direction. For example, we have 5th grade students doing Algebra 1, which is High School 9th grade subject. Many of our students succeeded in CBE. We have students from Magnet programs and Vanguard programs also. We also suggest various competitions for your child based on their ability to excel in their level.

Do you offer any summer programs?
Yes, we offer Public Speaking, Chess for beginner and Intermediate level. We offer year around programs for Math, Reading and Writing, PSAT, SAT and ACT Test prep. Please call us during summer time for more details.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we do offer various discounts. Please call us or stop by at our center for details.

My child needs private one-on-one sessions. Do you offer private lessons?
Yes, we do offer private one-on-one sessions. Please call us or stop by at our center to get more information.

Can we take a break in Summer?
Yes, but trend shows that kid's learning curve comes down, if there is a break for more than 4 weeks.

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